Water in the Wellsburg community has been the topic of discussion for months after residents reported tainted and discolored water. City officials say they are working to replace lines and fix problems, but it takes one thing– money.

Making water is no easy task. It takes a full staff of trained professionals hours to create more than 550,000 gallons of safe drinking water every single day.

Wellsburg gets its water from four wells located near the Ohio river. The water travels through the aging treatment plant on 12th Street that features two pumps dating back to the 1960’s and to a reservoir before being sent through pipes to residents.

But, the alleged problem begins in the pipes that take the water to customers, some of which are 80 to 100 years old.

To combat the discolored water, a $6-million project is currently being planned that will replace water lines from 2nd to 12th streets between the streets of Commerce, Charles and Main.

Customers supplied by Wellsburg Water will be seeing a hike in prices around $9. The higher rate will allow Wellsburg to apply for grants, or it could take out a 20-year loan to pay for the project; the city will need to find an engineer and then plan the construction with hopes of breaking ground in the summer of 2021.