A typical church renovation turned into much more after workers took apart the altar and discovered messages and items from previous church members dating back to almost 100 years ago.

New Rumley United Methodist Church has been in existence since the 1800s with some additions and remodeling along the way. But its most recent renovation project for the sanctuary has led to a discovery that has brought together church members past, present and perhaps future.

Church Trustee, Steve Brock, said they found some blocks of wood with the names of some of the old church members.

The dates on the blocks read February of 1931, but those aren’t the only items located inside the dusty and unconventional time capsule.

There was an old Cincinnati newspaper, and a hymnal among a collection of paper scraps.

But perhaps the most unique find was a bible dating back to 1897; the pages still intact.

The church has decided to create a time capsule of their own with the discovered items.

When they put the bible back underneath the altar, it will be strategically placed under to pulpit so the pastor will quite literally be preaching on the word of God.