Last night, the Steubenville City Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing the proposed landfill on a property on County Road 26.

Councilman Willie Paul was absent from the meeting, but all other council members, except Craig Petrella, passed a resolution opposing any future development at the Crossridge site.

Since Petrella works for a competitor, Petrella abstained from voting so that there would be no perception of a conflict of interest.

The Steubenville Revitalization Group is encouraging local businesses to submit them letters of opposition for the proposed landfill so they, in return, can forward those documents to state leaders. A survey is also being done by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce on the topic.

Also discussed was Steubenville Light Up the Night and the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony taking place tonight. The festivities start at 5. A reminder: the Market Street Bridge will be temporarily closed at 6:20.