Cadiz Village Mayor John Migliore has only been in the position for a few weeks but has already shared some big ideas with council members regarding Sally Buffalo property.

His vision is to develop the land, dividing Grant Street and the park, and turn it into four separate residential lots.

The mayor says the end goal would be to bring in revenue and grow the community.

But since presenting this proposal to village council a few hurdles have already been presented.

Decades ago, the property was bought from a private owner– so the village’s law director, Costa Mastros had to check the deed and make sure there would be no legal issues with using the land for anything other than a park.

That was cleared– but another issue was brought to light at the most recent council meeting.

Mastros said the Tappan Line Project’s collateral was Sally Buffalo Park among other land. And while the property in question only accounts for less than 6 of the 123-acre park, no progress can be made without clearance from the United States Department of Agriculture.