A plea agreement entered after lunchtime ended a trial of a former Brooke Middle School teacher. Timothy Turner had been facing a sexual abuse charges relating to an incident in 2015.

Turner was the Brooke MS band instructor when he was charged in August 2018 with sexual abuse of a child. He eventually was facing three charges.

After a day and a half of trial that included testimony from the victim, a lengthy conference took place in Judge Ronald Wilson’s chambers, after which the plea was announced. The victim had testified that she hadn’t had sex with Turner, but he had been on top of her.

Turner originally could have faced a 13-to-30-year prison sentence on the original charges. Under the agreement, he will serve a 2-10 year sentence for malicious assault, which is a non-sexual offense, so he won’t have to register as a sex offender, but he did surrender his teaching license as part of the deal. Turner is to report to the Northern Regional Jail on Feb. 17.