High levels of a chemical known as tetrachloroethylene have once again been detected in Paden City’s water supply.

A recent reading shows that the PCE levels were 13.6 when the state standard is 5.0.

During last night’s council meeting, it was brought up that the high levels of PCE date back to 2010, but the community was never notified.

The current mayor, Clyde Hochstrasser (HOKE-strahsser) says he can’t control how things were done in the past, but his administration is working to come up with a solution.

To help lower these levels, in a matter of weeks, a project funded by the USDA will be breaking ground to install air strippers at the water treatment plant. The air stripper is only the beginning of a $5 million project to fix and replace the entire water system.

The mayor contacted the governor’s office to declare an emergency so we can get water from FEMA and other agencies.