Belmont County Job and Family Services Director Vince Gianangeli has been terminated because of a personnel matter.

Gianangeli had been the director for almost 6 years, and before that, he served as fiscal administrator of the department for 10 years.

On Monday, county commissioners decided to terminate Gianangeli over his handling of a personnel matter.

Gianangeli thanked his staff at the department of job and family services for supporting him over the years and he wishes them continued success.

Commissioners are working to determine who will take over the department. Gianangeli retired from the same position last April, and was later re-hired.

The Belmonmt Co. Commissioners released a statement:

“The board had determined that Mr. Gianangeli disregarded a prior vote by the board, and then undertook another course of action. Because of this, the board of commissioners has lost confidence in Mr. Gianangeli to effectively lead the department.”

Mr. Gianangeli also released a statement:

“I appreciate the commissioners giving me an opportunity to resign on February 3, 2020 over this matter. I respectively declined. My termination involves a personnel matter that I thought I handled properly. Two commissioners voted to terminate an individual that I had already accepted a resignation from prior to their termination. At the end of the day, I have to take ownership of my actions. I would not do anything differently than what I did in this matter.”