Two local government bodies came together to discuss one big problem.

After weeks of heated conversation over ambulance service in the City of Steubenville, a different tone was presented at Wintersville’s council meeting. Steubenville City Manager Jim Mavromatis and Wintersville Mayor Bob Gale discussed the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

In the coming weeks, Steubenville leaders have some big decisions to make regarding ambulance service in the city– which is currently serviced by a private company, ASI.

Lately, for various reasons they’ve relied heavily on surrounding communities, like the Village of Wintersville to pick up emergency calls– which Wintersville Fire Chief, Rob Herrington says is unsustainable.

Another topic addressed during the Wintersville Council Meeting was an ethics concern by Councilwoman Gael Damron.

In the past, she says her husband has serviced village vehicles but since she is now a member of council, it’s a conflict of interest.

While Damron complied, she also brought up a similar situation: she said there are other village employees who operate businesses that are doing business for the village.

Solicitor Chris Becker adds that he’ll have to look further into this ethics concern before he can comment any further.