Landlords in Moundsville voiced their opposition during the city’s Policy Subcommittee meeting on Tuesday evening.

The Moundsville Sanitary, Storm water and Utility Board is proposing a hike in rates for commercial, industrial and rental properties.

With the proposed plan, residential properties would remain at the same $5 a month rate.

All non-residential properties would pay a rate of $12.50 a month for the first 4,000-square feet of property that doesn’t absorb water, such as roofing, asphalt and concrete.

For commercial, industrial and rental properties that have more than 4,000-square feet of non-permeable surfaces, they will be charged $0.50 per 1,000-square feet in addition to the flat rate.

If approved, the proposal would go into effect in July. After one year, the rates would increase from $0.50 per 1,000-square feet to $1.

However, landlords say the new plan is unfair. The proposal was tabled until next month’s hearing.