When the Mountain state passed legislation for the Medical Cannabis Act, some cities quickly jumped on trying to work the possibility of the new business into their city ordinances. 

The state is currently accepting applications for medicinal marijuana dispensaries and growers.
So, the city of Moundsville is trying to get a head start so they can accept new businesses into the area if they are approved at the state level. 

Rick Healy is the city manager in Moundsville. He says the board proposed the idea of putting a definition of Medical Cannabis dispensaries and growers into the zoning code just after the Medical Cannabis act was passed in the state. ​So, the city attorney is currently drafting two ordinances– one to define medical cannabis, and the other will define what zone it’s allowed in.

Healy says, most likely, the business will only be allowed in one of the city’s commercial zones. ​He also noted they are very early in the planning stages.  Those two ordinances will be up for their first reading at the first city council meeting in March.