It’s been almost 3 months since Wheeling City Council entered into an option agreement on a vacant property where it could build a proposed public safety building.

And the clock continues to tick on a decision as to whether the property on 19th and Jacob streets will become building’s future home. An ordinance for an option agreement to have site control at the vacant property was passed on December 17.

At that point, the city would have 90 days to purchase the land or not — and that deadline will hit this month. The last 2-and-a-half months have included getting an asbestos assessment, figuring out demolition costs, and learning about soil conditions.

Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron said the city is in the process of a few items that will give them a much clearer idea as to whether the land is right for construction, including an environmental review and a title examination. Both of those are expected to conclude this month. After that, council will decide on the property.