Becoming a parent brings along many financial burdens, with one of those being the purchase of a car seat.

Following the closing of East Ohio Regional Hospital, Belmont County residents lost the free car seat program that many new parents relied on.

However, the Belmont County Health Department has decided to bring back this program and has since put in place requirements to be enrolled in the program.

Jessica Gibson with the Belmont Co. Health Dept. says that to be enrolled in the program, you must be a Belmont County resident. You must be enrolled in WIC or have the medical card. And if you don’t currently have a child who is birth to eight years of age, then they ask that you be 32 weeks or more pregnant.

If you are eligible to enroll, you must call the Belmont County Health Department at 740-695-1202 to schedule an appointment.

The health department will also assist in teaching the proper way to place the car seat in the vehicle and how a child should be strapped in.