It was a scary situation for a family after a hillside along Route 2 in Brooke County gave away, right in front of their truck. It happened just south of Wellsburg and north of the Wellsburg Bridge construction zone.

Three people were inside the pickup truck that was headed north when the hillside gave way, sending trees, dirt, mud, and rocks flying down towards them. Fortunately, the driver was able to stop the vehicle in time. Inside the car with the man were his wife and teenage son.

The West Virginia Dept. of Highways is cleaning up the mess and as a result, Brooke County Schools will run on a two-hour delay this morning. The Brooke County Sheriff’s Office says all commercial vehicles should use Ohio State Route 7, and an alternative route can be found on our website….

Here’s the recommended detour for passenger vehicles:

  • 49 Hills Road
  • Greens Run Road
  • McCord’s Hill Road
  • West Virginia Route 67