A miscalculated levy based on incorrect information has resulted in a financial debacle for Brooke County Schools.

The Brooke County Board of Education voted to suspend paying teachers and service personnel $2,500 stipends promised through the voter approved levy. The recommendation was given by counsel and according to the board; the decision was one that was necessary to keep checks from bouncing.

While the employees got their first payout in November, they will not be getting another check this spring.

The district is facing a reality where numbers aren’t adding up. If everything was paid out as promised in the levy, the school would be $3.2 million dollars in debt each year.

They are also facing a loss in enrollment which puts the county 80 positions over what the state would fund.

The news was met with frustration, as part of the crowd exited the meeting which was still in session.

West Virginia School Service Personnel Association field representative Amy Gerrard says they will be talking to their attorney about the decision.

The next board meeting is March 23rd.