Harrison Hills School District will be closed until Wednesday, March 18th relating to the Coronavirus.

A staff member came in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus– although the staff member is not showing any symptoms.

An announcement was also shared by the county’s EMA on Facebook.

The Marshall County School District is also taking all the precautions possible to avoid Coronavirus.

On top of stocking each school with sanitizers and extra cleaning supplies, custodians are working overtime, using special ionizers to deep clean classrooms at night.

As of Wednesday, there are no plans to cancel any classes at any schools.

The health department is asking the public to take extra precautions– and stay out of the public if you aren’t feeling well.

They’re preaching precaution — and reminding folks not to panic.

Also, Ohio University Eastern and Belmont College will transition to online learning as s a proactive measure as the virus continues to spread.