The village fiscal officer and code enforcement officer are working from home. Water and sewer department workers are on a rotating schedule.

Sanitation pickups are on schedule, but the workers go home after their route instead of aiding other departments.

Mayor’s court is suspended with the next session set for April 9, but subject to review.

Water shutoffs are on hold during the emergency.

Gale said the village will pay $1,575 to reduce its winter salt order, saving $35,000 and not impacting next winter’s salt supply.

Wintersville Mayor Bob Gale conducted a conference call detailing steps the village is taking under the Ohio’s stay-at-home order.

Gale said he’s putting a stop to all village purchases except those vital to residents.

He also said the village is anticipating a reduction in income and property tax revenues, but he has no idea how deep the drop will be.