The sale of liquor to residents outside of West Virginia is now banned in Hancock County.

A decision was made by the Hancock County Health Department saying that the order is to help properly enforce social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the ban on selling alcohol to residents of other states, the department also released regulations for stores that sell spirits or hard liquor.

  • Having only essential employees during working hours.
  • Maintaining a distance of six feet between customers and staff at all times, using floor markings or tape at cash registers or other places where individuals congregate.
  • Limiting individuals to no more than 10 people, including staff and clientele during store hours.
  • Providing adequate handwashing stations, especially at places where paper or other items are exchanged between staff and clientele.
  • Frequently wipe down surfaces with 10% bleach solution or similar CDC approved cleaner anywhere any individuals’ hands may reach, including telephones, keyboards, light switches, doorknobs, handrails, etc.
  • Placing an employee outside the premises where spirits or hard liquor are sold to ensure that only those citizens with a valid WV state issued ID will be allowed to enter, shop and purchase alcohol.
  • Purchases are limited to 3 alcohol items each business day.
  • Any other common-sense measures that will limit the spread of communicable diseases.

Businesses that are found to not be following the regulations could face closure, according to a statement from the health department.

The ban will take effect on April 6 at 12 p.m.