The Belmont County Health Department reported the death of a hospitalized patient who had tested positive for COVID-19.

The patient was a 92-year-old man who had underlying health conditions. He acquired COVID-19 through contact with a positive COVID-19 patient.

Belmont County has 23 positive cases. Three of them are receiving care in the hospital.

Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Sproul expressed his deepest sympathies for family and friends of the patient who died.

“He tested positive back on March 31st, and then he developed symptoms and was taken to the hospital. He was under their care when he passed,” Sproul said.

“As they stated before, we were going to see the numbers creeping up the next 2 weeks, but they are also thinking because of all these actions we’re taking earlier, numbers aren’t going to be as high. We’ll just have to stay the course. “

Sproul says on a positive note, eight people in Belmont County have recovered from the virus.

Meanwhile, Columbiana County has 52 coronavirus cases with five deaths. As for other counties in Ohio, Tuscarawas County has 20 cases, Jefferson has 14, Carroll has eight, Monroe County has two and Guernsey has one.

Harrison counties still has no recorded cases. In West Virginia, Ohio County has 18 cases, followed by Hancock and Marshall with six.

Wetzel County has two cases and Brooke County reported its first case on Monday.

Tyler Counties still has no cases recorded at this time.