Trinity Health System have opened a drive-through evaluation process for community members who believe they may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The evaluation process is done with the patients remaining in their car while and ExpressCare professional evaluates their symptoms.

This is done in an effort to give a “safe space” for those seeking care not associated to COVID-19. By allowing patients to use the drive through, they are not exposing the illness to other patients seeking care for non-respiratory issues in the Trinity Health System ExpressCare office.

This drive through will not test everyone that comes through, though. Patients have to meet criteria set by the Ohio Department of Health. If they meet the criteria, then Trinity professionals will administer the test.

The drive through evaluation site is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm. The tent is located behind the Wintersville ExpressCare location. Patients will be evaluated from their cars and swabbed for COVID-19 only if they meet the criteria. Patients are registered over the phone while they wait to be evaluated. The number to call for registration and evaluation is 740-346-2702.