Coronavirus testing is continuing at clinics across the Ohio Valley as states begin to re-open.

One testing site in Tyler County is ready to see more patients, including those that need to be.

Testing for the coronavirus has taken place since early March in Tyler County. Now, health officials are ready roll out the antibody test, including testing those who are ready to head back to work.

The testing clinic is set up outside of Sistersville General Hospital where, in recent weeks, patients have been coming less often.

Gov. Jim Justice is now requiring some employees to get tested before they head back to work. This includes those that work in nursing homes and at daycare centers.

Instead of testing through the nasal passage, the team at Sistersville General Hospital are able to use a mouth swab. The hospital also received an antibody test for Coronavirus as well.

Results would show if you previously had the coronavirus – whether you knew it or not.

In order for results to come in, people need to register to be tested. Those who want to get tested for the coronavirus can call the nurse hotline at the Sistersville General Hospital at (304) 447-2454.