In Martins Ferry, the city will soon be cracking down on residents who aren’t properly placing their garbage out for pickup.

“We have garbage spewed in the alleys and different parts of town,” Mayor John Davies explained. “They don’t have lids. Animals get in them and tear the garbage out. We don’t have time to pick up, obviously, and if it don’t get picked up by the homeowner, it stays on the ground.”

It’s been a problem for quite some time, according to Davies.

At the last city council meeting, members asked him to begin citing those who are just putting bags of trash outside.

The city’s ordinance allows residents three 32-gallon trash cans that that must have lids.

If residents can’t afford one, the city is offering a payment plan to get one.

“The city bought twenty cans,” Davies said. “We’ll sell them to you. They’re $25. It’ll have your address on it. We’ll put $5 a month on your bill until you pay it off.”

If residents don’t follow the rules, they’ll be given a citation of $254 and will have to appear in Mayor’s Court.

The city will start enforcing that ordinance on July 1. The goal is to stop the spread of garbage.