Wheeling residents are now able to see when and where crime is happening throughout the city, due to the launch of the police department’s new online crime mapping system.

The new web site unveiling provides the community an enhanced opportunity to be kept informed

Crime reports visible to the public include robbery, burglary, traffic-related incidents, property crimes, and violent crimes. Sex offenders also can be located on the site.

In the interest of public safety and victim privacy, the following crime reports will NOT be visible to the public: incidents involving juveniles, sex crimes, family violence, information involving or is sensitive to an ongoing investigation. Additionally, if residents and businesses wish to register their household for having a surveillance system to help police fight crime, the option exists. Police are not asking to have access to the system internally, but to simply be aware there is a camera in a certain area should a crime happen. This tool will allow both police and the neighborhood to work together by viewing cameras in the area during an investigation. This is an option and is not required when visiting the site.

Those who want more information or would like to view a tutorial on the new online crime mapping site can visit www.wheeilngwv.gov.