Residents in several West Virginia counties are received packages that they didn’t order. Inside the packages are seeds, and state authorities are warning residents not to open them.

Many might think the seeds are harmless, but the could be dangerous to our region.

They’re being shipped from overseas, many of them coming from China.

The Commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture said at least one of the packages was delivered in Marshall County and several in Tyler County.

“Every time the mail gets delivered, the numbers change,” said Commissioner Kent Leonhardt.

According to the Tyler County sheriff’s office, three packages have been delivered to residents there.

“The first case was either the end of last week, first of this week,” said Chief Deputy Shannon Huffman. “A resident here in Tyler County had received one of the packages.”

The problem is, they don’t know what kind of seeds they are. If they belong to an invasive species, the effects could be detrimental.

“That would be bad,” said Commissioner Leonhardt. “We already battle some invasive species that were thought to be good at one time.”

If you or someone you know receives an unsolicited package, here’s what to do.

“Number one, don’t open the seed packet and then get ahold of the Department of Agriculture,” said Leonhardt.

Residents in West Virginia should mail them here:


275 Gus R. Douglass Lane

Charleston, WV 25312

Residents in Ohio should report the unsolicited seeds here, and then mail them to:



8995 East Main Street, Building 23

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068