Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine unveiled an education model plan to reopen schools in the Buckeye State. DeWine made the announcement during his press conference Tuesday.

DeWine described how the education model works:

  • 55 districts or 25.6% of public school students which will be fully remote or online.
  • 154 districts or 24.5% will be doing some form of hybrid schooling.
  • 78 districts for which the state doesn’t have information available yet.

DeWine showed a chart with percentage of postive COVID-19 cases per age group. He noted you the number of positive cases are increasing in younger age groups.

DeWine tweeted a statistic on social media noting 17-year-olds seem to be contracting the virus at higher rates due to them being are more likely to socialize with others.

DeWine says if Ohio residents want to see students back in school participating in sports then it’s necessary for everyone to prevent the spread of the virus. He said to wear a mask, social distance, and to avoid large gatherings.