Firefighters were called to an old electronics recycling facility on South Belmont Street in Bellaire after it caught fire Tuesday afternoon

The fire started around 3 p.m. in the parking lot before quickly spreading to the building.

Police, EMS, and fire units from around Belmont, Jefferson, and Marshall counties responded to the blaze.

Bellaire Police Chief Dick Flanagan was one of the first on scene and was quickly seen assisting firefighters attack the smoke and flames.

“It started in the parking lot in the open. That throws a flag immediately as suspicious right from the get-go,” Flanagan said. “It’s all composite plastics, wiring that made it hard to put the fire out. The good thing is that nobody got hurt.”

Firefighters had to battle several factors, including powerlines dropping due to the heat, propane tanks exploding and breathing in all of the toxic chemicals.

This isn’t the first time they’ve had a fire at the location.

Several years ago, firefighters put out a fire there, and most recently, the owner of the building was cited for having an unsafe structure, operating a junkyard in the village and blocking sidewalks with debris.

The building eventually caved in on itself.

Flanagan says the fire marshal will be on scene Wednesday to begin an investigation.