There are currently 1,212 active cases of COVID-19 in Jefferson County.

And the county is the worst in the state when it comes to highest occurrence of cases.

And COVID-19 cases are only continuing to rise in Jefferson County.

And according to the health department, that’s because of community spread.

Currently there are less than 40 people hospitalized. According to Dr. Mark Kissinger, Jefferson County Board of Medical Health Director, those patients are mostly older adults, but officials say there have been patients in their 30s or 40s with no pre-existing conditions who have stayed in the hospital for days.

Kissinger wants to assure people that if hospitalizations were to rise, there will be room to care for those patients at Trinity. He said the hospital has a 3-phase plan, and there are a lot of people in the ICU, but it’s not just for COVID-19.

Kissinger says there’s a decent chunk of the population that’s immune now, so a second wave wouldn’t get infected. He says the ideal solution is to get herd immunity through the vaccine instead of waiting for more people to fall ill.