An alleged hate crime in Yorkville is surfacing into a GoFundMe, after a mom and her three kids allegedly had their lives threatened on the first day of this new year. 

The mom says this is not the first-time hateful vandalism has happened at the home, with two other instances reported of spray-painted racial slurs directed at her family showing up on the exterior parts of the house. 

However, this is the first time it turned life-threatening, with the Yorkville Fire Department called in to extinguish a fire allegedly set ablaze in the dryer vent. 

Yorkville Fire Chief Crystal McNamara said Sunday that this is an active investigation for the fire department and that she will release more information as it becomes available.

She said the police department also has an investigation underway.

No one was injured, but in this third incident, the family is shaken up. A close friend of the family, Rebecca Blake, has organized a GoFundMe to help buy a security camera for the Yorkville family, and to cover the other expenses it will take to get the smell of smoke out of the house. 

While the mom and her children did not want to go on camera, Blake says that given the family is biracial, and what we can see from the writing on the walls, this was an “obvious hate crime.”

Officials are investigating the active case and have yet to announce an arrest in connection to the volatile act.