Benwood police are investigating an incident that involved a 2-month-old baby.

A call came into the department around 9 o’clock Monday morning of an infant not breathing.

The child was still alive and taken to a local hospital and then taken by medical helicopter to Morgantown.

According to Police Chief Frank Longwell, it is believed the baby was in bed with the father — and that no drugs were involved.

This is the third instance of an infant being injured while in bed with a parent since last July in the city.

And Longwell says babies need to be put elsewhere — not in beds with others.

Longwell says that the crucial mistake is that the parent may eventually roll over and suffocate the infant. He says to put them in a bassinette or a crib if you need to take a nap.

The baby is still in a hospital as officers continue to investigate.

There are no charges at this time.

Longwell says these incidents are tough on officers, especially since it’s one they’ve seen a few times over the last half year.