Benwood Police attempted a routine traffic stop yesterday evening which led to a high-speed police chase, and one of the culprits is still at large.

According to Benwood Police Chief Frank Longwell, an officer clocked a driver going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 2. Once the driver was pulled over, he told officers he didn’t have a license. The officer then asked the driver to get out of the vehicle. That’s when the driver decided to flee instead.

The truck took off headed towards Marshall Street south from Benwood where he reached speeds of 50 mph before heading back onto Route 2 where he reached speeds near 100 mph. The truck led officers through many side streets during the pursuit.

Officers set up a roadblock on Route 2 where the truck wrecked over the railroad tracks and down the hillside. The driver was apprehended, but the passenger managed to escape on foot.

Chief Longwell says the man was driving with a suspended license.

Along with Benwood– McMechen, Glen Dale, West Virginia State Police, and Marshall County Police all assisted in the chase. The passenger remains at large.

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