New technology has been installed in some Ohio County Schools could slow and possibly even halt the spread of COVID-19

And now that technology being added to others. The board of education voted Monday to approve 100-thousand dollars to add it to Bridge Street Middle School and Bethlehem, Madison and Ritchie elementaries.

It’s called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization technology. It’s a very small blue box, but it has a big effect.

It is connected to the building’s existing heating and ventilation system. It’s already been installed at Elm Grove and Middle Creek elementary schools and Wheeling Park High School. And it is reportedly 99-point-four percent effective in stopping the spread of the virus in the air.

In short, it puts ions throughout the building, and when these ions come in contact with other things, like the virus, it will render it ineffective within 30 minutes.

It will also be installed at the board office, the bus garage, and the pool at the high school.

And many other schools in the district were already approved and scheduled for installation. Those include Triadelphia, Steenrod, West Liberty, Warwood, Woodsdale and Wheeling Middle.