Medical cannabis is now a reality in the state of West Virginia.

Two dispensaries are coming to the Northern Panhandle from a company that has quite an extensive background.

It’s been a process years in the making, but The Healing Center will have five dispensaries throughout the state, including one in Triadelphia and one in Weirton. The company is based out of Washington, Pa., and has locations in Washington, Cranberry and Monroeville.

Initially, many patients were more elderly but that has progressed in recent years.

This plant-based option isn’t just a health venture, it’s an industry that will bring more jobs and more out-of-towners into the Mountain State.

While some might be concerned about marijuana, the medical cannabis is actually being used to treat those addicted to hard drugs, like opiods.

The open date for the dispensaries will depend on growers and how fast they can get out product.