A man originally wanted for a January shooting outside of the Voodoo Lounge back in January is now being charged with murder after the death of the victim.

The incident happened on Jan. 28, but the victim, Michael Jackson, died late Thursday night in a Morgantown hospital.

When police arrived on scene that night, Jackson was already shot and the two suspects had fled.

One suspect, Brian Steele, was quickly found and arrested, charged with wanton endangerment with a firearm and prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

But Niyajah Hales is the one who pulled the trigger, and he’s still at large. Sgt Rob Safreed of the Wheeling Police Department says due to the victims passing of his gunshot wound, Hales is now being charged with murder alongside previous charges.

Safreed says it doesn’t seem that the three men had any relationship prior to the shooting, but they continue to investigate what happened that night.

Police will continue looking for Hales and ask the public to relay any tips or information they may have.

If anyone has information on Hales’ whereabouts, they are strongly urged to contact the police at 304-234-3664