Ohio Governor DeWine signed an emergency bill that will change statewide testing in Ohio for 2021.

A bill passed by the Ohio House on Wednesday will give extra time to administer state tests. The bill passed under an emergency clause. The Senate has approved some final changes before sending it to the House where it passed 92-to-0.

DeWine signed the bill into law on Saturday.

“The reason this was so important to have an emergency clause is because the testing window opens on Monday,” said Ohio Representative Don Jones.

The bill does a few things to testing in Ohio. It expands the testing window to allow flexibility, it gives schools flexibility with graduation requirements and it takes away the pressure often associated with assessments since there will not be a state report card this year.

“Our students in the Ohio Valley have been face-to-face instruction since August for the most part. I think they will be ready to go to college if they are seniors. Is there going to be a learning gap? Sure, I think there is going to be a learning gap for some kids, but as far as prepared and successful when they go to college? I think that happens every day in our classrooms.”