Two clients within the Eastern Ohio Correction Center were able to climb a fence on Monday evening and escape the facility.

Executive Director Phillip Nunes identified the two clients as 32-year-old Bryan Bassett and 26-year-old Curtis Glauser. They both took off through the woods behind the property, which is located on State Route 43 in Wintersville.

Both were receiving programming at EOCC in place of jail or prison because of a history of drug use. They were not violent offenders.

Bassett was in the program for 8 days for a case that originated in Monroe County. Glauser had been in the program for 26 days for a case out of Tuscarawas County.

Nunes said the average length of programming at the facility is about 120 days, but clients may stay for a maximum of 6 months.

After the escape, the facility notified the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Wintersville Police Department, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, as well as the sheriff’s offices in Monroe and Tuscarawas counties.

It will be up to the court systems where the cases originated to determine if a bench warrant will be issued or an active search for the clients will occur.