American Electric Power has released a statement on the issue in Shadyside where residents voiced concerns about the potential sale of a residential property.

This past Monday, a group of concerned Shadyside residents went to village council to express their concern over the sale of a residential property to AEP and what that transaction could mean for the community’s health and property values.

Shadyside’s property dispute involves a 2-acre piece of land located in the south end of the village at 1 Wegee Lane, which is also close to the intersection of Central Avenue and 48th Street.

The lot’s owner, Tim Newhart, has signed a purchase agreement with AEP.

Nearby residents who live feet from the property are concerned that a substation could be constructed here should AEP proceed with the agreement. AEP has not signed the purchase agreement.

AEP released a statement on the project:

AEP is in the early planning stages of a project in the Shadyside area to upgrade the electric grid in order to improve reliability in the area. Construction would not begin before the end of 2022 at the earliest. Before plans are finalized, we will hold a public meeting to gather input from residents and answer any questions they might have. Area residents will be notified directly once the meeting is scheduled. As part of the project, we are investigating options for a new substation because an existing substation in the area is nearing the end of its life. The new substation would be part of a future phase of the project. We welcome the input of community residents and will schedule an open house to both review the project and receive any feedback.”