The push to save a controversial Weir High mascot took another step, Monday evening.

One week ago, a rally to save the cartoon “Red Rider” logo drew both sides to downtown Weirton.

Michael Keffer, who organized the rally, spoke to the board – asking them to sign a pledge.

The pledge called for the board to “stop political correctness in Weirton” and “stop all changes to the mascots used by Weir High School.”

“The pledge is a general, generic pledge. We’re asking to let us keep the Native American Mascot, whether that would be the one in question (the caricature) or the Native American on the sign,” Keffer said.

One member did sign the pledge, but the board as a whole decided not to. Board President Danny Kaser says they decided it was premature to sign, and may have tainted their ability to vote in the future.

“If there has to be a scrap of the cartoon character red Indian, I can understand that, as long as they can ensure as long as we can keep the image of the Native American Indian,” Keffer said.

Members of Weirton’s Native American community did attend the meeting but didn’t speak to the board. They’ve previously called the logo in question “racist imagery.”