People came out Tuesday evening to speak on the Mitchell Power Plant and its uncertain future.

A town hall meeting took place at the Moundsville Fire Department to discuss the future of the power plant titled ‘Save the Mitchell’. The event was hosted by Delegate Charlie Reynolds.

Last year, American Electric Power filed an application with the West Virginia Public Service Commission to provide the plant with two options: invest in modifications to comply with federal regulations governing the disposal of coal and effluent limitation guidelines allowing the plant to operate till 2040 or retire the plant in 2028.

The possibility of retiring the plant 12 years prematurely has left many in Marshall County concerned for their economy.

Concerned citizens and stakeholders in the coal industry spoke at the town hall, including Congressman David McKinley. He said people across the country who are attempting to get rid of the plant and the fossil fuel industry are sending letters to the PSC.

“They’re not from here,” McKinley said. “They don’t understand the impact it could have on our school systems, on our public health, on our first responders and the jobs that are associated with it. So, we’ve got to rally the people together and make sure we have an equal number of letters going to public service commission.”

AEP and Kentucky Power are joint owners of the plant. There are filings with PSCs in West Virginia and Kentucky that could help determine the future of the plant, but there is no decision made yet.

A public comment period is open through June 2 to hear citizen’s concerns. The link to that website can be found here.

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