Follansbee City Council met to swear in two new members for the city. Sworn in were Nick Cekinovich and Tammy Johnson.

“I just want to make sure our businesses here feel welcome and that we encourage more businesses. I think the Wild and Wonderful Wednesdays has been a good start to that,” said Nick Cekinovich, 3rd ward councilman.

“I want the south end of Follansbee cleaned up. There’s a lot of garbage lying around down there and there’s a lot of tall grass. There’s a lot of buildings that need to be torn down,” said Tammy Johnson, 1st ward councilwoman.

Mayor David Velegol was also re-elected and sworn in. During the meeting, he heard from local residents and officials to hear fireworks questions and concerns, with the Fourth of July quickly approaching.

“It’s really kind of a tough situation because we have a segment of a group of people that really love the fireworks, but there’s concerns between the safety of your house and also with your pets,” said Mayor David Velegol. “We need to resolve that and do the best we can. We’re going to try to put some extra police out to help the situation this year.”

The main takeaway from the meeting are several upcoming projects within the City of Follansbee that plans to help rebuild and repair.

“It’s the city plaza, the water, and wastewater projects, it’s the firehouse, and then the streets on main street.”

To find out more about Follansbee’s upcoming projects you can visit the city’s website,