While no decision has been reached on the proposed multi-billion-dollar petrochemical plant in Belmont Coutny, officials with PTT Global Chemical continue to move forward with clearing the property.

Yesterday, more homes were torn down along Dilles Bottom Road, which borders the land already purchased by the chemical company.

PTT Global Chemical has been leveling nearby homes for the last year. Three more were on the list for this week — 14 in all.

But what do these latest rounds of demolitions mean for the valley?

“The biggest thing it means is that this is a company that is still investing in the Ohio River Valley. They are acquiring properties and taking them down to make sure the neighborhood is safe,” PTTGCA Spokesperson Dan Williamson said.

PTTGCA is still looking for a partner for the latest project after Daelim Chemical USA pulled out of the project in July, stating COVID-19 and oil price volatility as factors for pulling out.

“They are talking with a lot of quality companies who have a lot of interest in this project and are looking to see if they can find the right fit,” Williamston said.

If the project doesn’t happen, what would happen to the people who left their homes?

“We are hopeful that it’s going to be PTTGCA Ohio Petrochemical Plant, but if it’s not that, it’ll be something else, so I think the folks who have sold thier homes are putting themselves in a good position,” Williamson said.

There is no timeline on when a final investment decision will be reached.

Photo Credit: WTOV9