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High Hopes for Development of Steubenville Marina

A new group has been formed to further discuss the possibilities at the Steubenville marina. Yesterday, they met for the first time with many city leaders and residents coming out to voice their opinions. Councilwoman-At-Large, Kimberly Hahn, says the goal of the series of meetings is to take all the visions and ideas heard so far, and put some plans into motion. It was proposed that the city should partner up with the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley, a tax-exempt organization. One of the ideas proposed a few weeks ago was connecting the riverfront to downtown through trails....

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Inaugural Blame My Roots Fest Begins

The inaugural Blame My Roots Fest kicked off last night with The Gypsy Cowboys, The Tim Ullom (all-um) Band, and The Stickers all taking the stage. Concert goers were out in full force for the event and both the campers and performers braved the heat for a great time. Joe and John Wodarek (Wad-a-wreck) of The Stickers were performers at Jamboree in the Hills for several years and were excited to play at Blame My Roots Fest because they love the atmosphere and the fans. The Festival will continue today and Saturday with performances from a variety of artists,...

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AP Requests Release of 2017 Steubenville Judge Shooting Video

The Associated Press has filed an appeal seeking video from the day Jefferson County Court Judge Joseph Bruzzese was shot in Steubenville. Arguments in the case were heard Thursday. The 7th District Court of Appeals heard from A.P. journalist Andrew Welsh-Huggins, seeking to have Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin release security video. Bruzzese was shot in August 2017 in an alley behind the Courthouse. The shooting suspect, Nate Richmond, was killed. The judge and a county probation officer had returned fire. The Appellate Court will issue a ruling after reviewing the arguments in the...

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Bridge on Brooke Pioneer Trail Vandalized

After a bridge on the Brooke Pioneer Trail was vandalized over the weekend, trail representatives are offering a $2,000 reward for information about the incident. Members of the Brooke Pioneer Trail Association found the Harrison Run Bridge, located south of Beech Bottom, significantly damaged this week, as railings on the bridge appear to have been ripped down. Now, the association is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. The reward was made possible through private donations, said Doug Wayt, co-president of Ohio Valley Trail Partners, who also works with the Brooke group. The...

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