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New Castle School of Trades to Hold Job Fair

The New Castle School of Trades will be holding a job fair that is open to the public. More than 40 local companies from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and representatives from state agencies will be available to talk. The job fair is Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will take place at the New Castle School of Trades East Liverpool Campus. The event is open to the public. If you are interested in attending bring identification and a...

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Rush Run Area of OH Rte. 7 to Open to 4 Lanes by the End of Summer

The Rush Run area of State Route 7 between Brilliant and Rayland has been reduced to one lane since March 2011 thanks to several rock slides, including one that featured a boulder that weighed in at 7 million pounds. The Ohio Department of Transportation has been working to make that area safer for motorists. ODOT expects to have that portion of State Route 7 back open to four lanes by the end of the...

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Monroe Co. Financial Troubles Discussed

The Monroe County treasurer is saying that more of the general fund money is being spent than is being brought in. As the money in the general fund keeps going down, employees and residents are concerned about the impact this will have on the Care Center and future business. Monroe County Commissioners were taking millions of dollars out of the general fund to restore the Care Center’s accreditation. It’s also impacting several projects that are in the works, like the new dog pound and an agricultural complex. Commissioners are weighing the options, with closing the Care Center as a...

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Ohio Co. Man Facing Felony Charge After Road Rage Incident

An Ohio County man is facing a felony wanton endangerment charge after a road rage incident this weekend. It happened in the Cheddar’s parking lot at The Highlands. According to a criminal complaint, a car with two females was pulling out of Cheddar’s when another car almost hit them. The victim said a woman got out of the other car and started yelling, before trying to hit one of the girls in the other car. At that point, the driver, John Angius, got out of the vehicle and pulled a gun out of his waistband, threatening to use it...

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Paden City Officials, Residents Working to Combat Contaminated Water

Paden City residents are worried about drinking their water after receiving a notice that the city’s water system is contaminated. A letter was sent out by the city saying that the water supply was contaminated with tetrachloroethylene, or PCE. The chemical is used for dry cleaning and metal de-greasing purposes. The EPA says that the PCE likely came from area dry cleaners. One location they found high PCE levels was the former Band Box Cleaners, which has been closed for years. Mayor Hochstrasser says the wells haven’t been cleaned in 16 years, with only one out of four working....

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