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Roadwork Continues in Wheeling on I-70

AEP and the West Virginia State Police, in conjunction with the West Virginia Division of Highways will be conducting rolling roadblocks that will cause intermittent closures along I-70 Westbound and Eastbound that could last up to fifteen minutes. This will occur between the hours of 7 A.M. and Noon on Sunday the 20th and Sunday the 27th, near the Wheeling Tunnels and the Downtown exits. Officials say this is vital for American Electric Power to Relocate power lines, and utility infrastructure near...

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Fallout Continues Over Dumping of Race Horse

The fallout continues over photos of a racehorse whose body was dumped at a local landfill, so much so it’s caught the attention of West Virginia Senator Ryan Weld. Weld wants to hear more from the state racing commission. The remains of the horse said to be Bridget Moloney were dumped after the horse pulled up in a race in September at Mountaineer. The state racing commission has said the situation was not normal procedure for the track, and that state veterinarians were involved in treatment and euthanizing the...

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PA Man Linked to Two Bank Robberies in Steubenville

A man arrested on bank robbery charges in early October in West Virginia is now linked to two robberies in Steubenville; both of those robberies took place in the Hollywood Plaza in 2017 and 2018. Daryl Waychoff was arrested on Oct. 2, for a robbery in Preston County, W.Va. And now, he is believed to be responsible for seven bank robberies in three different states, including the Unified Bank in Bridgeport. Steubenville police is working with the FBI, federal prosecutors and other jurisdictions in this case. Right now, Waychoff is in the Northern Central Regional Jail on $1 million...

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Racehorse Allegedly Dumped in Local Landfill – *WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGE *

Graphic images surfacing over the last 48 hours have caused controversy about the alleged dumping of a racehorse in a local landfill without explanation. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says it is not illegal to dump a horse in a landfill in West Virginia. In a release, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says the horse in the landfill is a racehorse named Bridget Moloney. PETA claims a whistleblower alerted it and provided the photos, which it claims were taken at the Brooke County Landfill. From conversations with Mountaineer Park management, it is the understanding of...

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